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    ADD: NO.51-46 South Gate Waidajie, DanYang City Jiangsu, China
    TEL: 0511-86522592 86525322
    FAX :0511-86519375
    Abide by laws and rules on environmental protection,and preserve the earth resources to the best.
    Enhance all-employees’ environmental ideas, and to implement green manufacturing.
    Propose waster-reduction activities, improve environment protection efficiency.
    Well-wrought “FOAI” as an int’l brand name, and supply quality environment-protection goods.
    The commitment of our company:The product inside does not contain to forbid to use the material, matching the laws with the standard of the provision.

    Environmental related substances to be controlled
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    TEL:86-511-86522592  FAX:86-511-86519375  ADD:NO.51-46 South Gate Waidajie, DanYang City Jiangsu, China