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    ADD: NO.51-46 South Gate Waidajie, DanYang City Jiangsu, China
    TEL: 0511-86522592 86525322
    FAX :0511-86519375
    Principle of management
    Professional Management
    Invite as many as possible talented personnel, make good use of the talents, enhance business operation efficiency and enlarge marketplace share.
    Individualized Administration
    Respect personal nature, well-treat employees, empower duly and impose responsibility at levels; Everyone to be self-motivated, self-controlled and fulfill duty due oblige.
    Technical R& D
    To create new know-hows and improve current manufacturing technique;
    To develop new things and consolidate well in fierce market competition.
    Enterprise spirit
    Enterprise spirit
    Be United, Persevering, Practical and Creative
    Quality policies
    Quality policies
    Be responsible to upgrade management system;
    Pay attention to QC to attain zero defect rate;
    Perfect service to make customers satisfactory.
    Market Claim Occurrence Situation
    Inland customers’ complaints will be given reply within a Working day, and overseas customers’ complaints will be two Working days.
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    TEL:86-511-86522592  FAX:86-511-86519375  ADD:NO.51-46 South Gate Waidajie, DanYang City Jiangsu, China